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At Natures Raw, we believe in filling bowls with the goodness of healthy & the joy of happy.

Made with good-for-you ingredients like real meats & vitamin-rich offal, our dog food brings your best buddy tons of tastes & textures to nourish both inside & out. It’s that simple: 100% complete and balanced. Made from natural ingredients, Our food is 100% natural. Using only the highest quality ingredients and nutrients we create a delicious blend of raw muscle meat, organs & bones. Delivery is available to all in the UK.
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Our nutrition philosophy

100% Natural Ingredients
100% Complete and Balanced
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Carefully sourced

    We pride ourselves on sourcing the best ingredients from British & Irish farms. That’s why everything we put into our meals is Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) approved
  • Designed to help dogs thrive

    Our mission is to help dogs everywhere live lives they love. Healthier, happier lives. All our meals are designed to support wellbeing, improve behaviour, balance energy levels, help eradicate intolerances and other health concerns. Because every dog deserves to thrive.
  • Replicate a dog's natural diet

    Dogs are carnivores. Their teeth, jaws and digestive system are structured for them to eat natural, raw protein. The Natures Raw formula is a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet, which means it features raw meat, bones - all expertly developed to replicate a dog’s natural diet.
  • 100% Complete and Balanced
  • Your dog is unique

    And deserves the very best raw dog food. Natures Raw working dog food is doggy dinner heaven in one bowlful. Nutritionally balanced, complete and convenient, all our recipes are made with the highest quality human-grade ingredients. Every flavour is carefully balanced with meat, offal, bone and minerals, delivering the perfect meal every time.
  • Energy Release

    Our customers tell us their raw fed dogs have better appetites, brighter eyes and glossier coats. Natures Raw dog food is said to release a steady stream of energy throughout the day, avoiding the peaks and troughs that can make it difficult to control your canine!

Health Benefits of Feeding a Raw Diet

The Benefits of Complete Raw Dog Food and Why You Should Be Feeding It to Your Dog

A dog isn’t just a pet but a part of your family. To make sure that your dog lives a long, happy and healthy life you would go out of your way to give them the best food you can afford. However, spending a lot of money on the pet food sold in shops is NOT the best way to make sure that your pets get the vital nutrition they need to stay healthy for many years to come!

Studies show that raw feeding, also referred to as (BARF) Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding, is the correct way to make sure that your dog gets the proper nutrition.

What is meant by “raw feeding”?

Raw feeding is a way to feed dogs according to what they would eat naturally. In other words, their food should be raw and natural, rather than the processed pellets and canned food that most pet owners tend to feed their pets these days.

By feeding your dog the type of food they would consume if they were out in nature, you are providing them with all the important nutrition they need for their bodies to function properly and provide them with maximum health and vitality all through their lives.

Is raw food better for my pet than Kibble?

Yes, most definitely! As with humans, real, fresh, raw ingredients will always be better for your pet too, rather than highly preserved and processed foods like kibble!

What are the benefits of feeding my pets raw food?

A healthy diet is an enormous contributing factor to the general health of animals as it is to humans. So, by giving your four-legged best friend natural, complete raw dog food, you are playing a huge role in helping their health in various ways, including:

• Promoting oral health
• Strengthening their immunity
• Increasing their digestive health
• Improving coat and skin health
• Reducing waste in their systems
• Managing their weight
• Decreasing instances of intolerances and allergies
• Improving mobility

In addition to these above benefits, the texture and taste of raw food are incredibly appealing to dogs which means that they will never get tired of the food you offer them.

Our portfolio is versatile and allows you to carefully select the raw food that is suitable for your dog, irrespective of age, size, breed, or level of activity.